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About Our Menu

At Cyber Café you will find exclusive and delectable food that you can satisfy both your taste buds and stomach. We have variety of quick bites and snacks as well as a daily menu where fixed meal course are available. You will find the best breakfast in Abu Dhabi in our café. We can confidently say that we serve the best breakfast in Abu Dhabi. All our food is served fresh. They are also priced at the most reasonable rate. Meal of the day only costs 40 AED + VAT. Both hot as well as cold range of food and drinks are sold by us. Along with the current menu we keep on adding new items into our list. If you search for the best coffee shops in Abu Dhabi our name is sure to pop up first. Our timely and dedicated service along with excellent ambience, outstanding experience and delicious food has turned us into one of the best coffee shops in Abu Dhabi.

We make sure that our customers are happy and satisfied. Our routine customers are the proof of our excellent service. Once you visit us you will never forget our tempting food. Take out time exclusive for yourself from the daily busy schedule and visit our café for recharging yourself.

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Abu Dhabi, Zayed the Second Street Corner with Najda Street, Sahara Abu Dhabi Building, First Floor