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vR games in Abu Dhabi

Virtual Reality gaming creates three dimensional computer generated artificial environment. The VR games make us feel as if we are the character in the game and we are in the particular situation or scene. Scenes are made to look real through Virtual Reality headset or helmet. There are also different other accessories such as sensory components, keyboard, mouse, game controllers and so on in order to supersede the real world environment. We have superb VR games in which you can immerse yourself and experience a different world altogether. You can find the best VR games Abu Dhabi in our cafe. Our thrilling VR games come with all the necessary equipments including VR machines (VR 2 Seater & VR Magic Box) and Vintage Flipper Machines to make your gaming extraordinary.

The games come with different modes and features. We have VR games Abu Dhabi with many features that allows to create an excellent immersive experience. New interaction features are also added routinely into our VR games Abu Dhabi for making the games more powerful. The gamer can control the environment, move around and interact with various objects. The character which you play can even pick up various things and interact with other characters as well. We offer a comfortable and adequate space for making your gaming an unforgettable event and for which you will come back for more.